What remains solid in this universe? Through flowing times and alternating spaces, the living and stoic are altered. I extract a moment of this inevitable transition and attempt to express a journey from the past to the future. 

Events are left as personal imprints - grass dancing to the wind, flocks of animals moving forward, schools of fish playing in the river, crowds maneuvering towards the same goal, even galactic passages... In representations where they share the same direction, whether scattered or swirling, I express how nature’s elements inspire the origins of these personal imprints and how they are seen as vital forces.

As the patterns continue on, somewhere in this repetition the whole begins to morph. Previously I’ve used mixed media such as sand and gel to give the paintings a rough and thick surface, but I chose acrylic in these works to emphasize the transformation from start to finish as brushstrokes are met with fast-drying vitality. 

Through this whole process, I aim to solve the ever-changing mysteries in formative gathering, ultimately attempting to deliver messages of hope that resonate with personal experiences and modern occurrences.