Ryan Cho Solo Exhibition, March 30th - Apr. 11th 2017

Most of the solo exhibition shows a certain type of art works that have diverse stories, but Ryan Cho’s solo exhibition at GalleryCLU will have complex medium of arts including abstracts, ceramics and media art. The audience will experience broad aesthetics.   

Ryan was majoring in ceramics at Dankook university so that his works easily get off flat surface, and expand three dimensional space. Particularly, this solo exhibition will present his newest media art which formatively reconstructed the stage lighting from Michael Jackson’s Live Concert. He put acrylic square pieces on TV in order to abstain the effect of lighting that expresses the story of the performance. Those acrylic pieces that have diverse size and thickness will work as intermedium to destroy the gap between entertainment and fine art. Ryan wanted to show a pop music performance turn into a visual pop art through the acrylic intermediary.  


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