Iranian Group Exhibition, June 30th - July 26th 2016

Varying and different points of view within international politics have played a

part in our interpretation and understanding of the region known as the Middle East.

Western nations are often unaware of the rich cultural heritage the region possesses. For

instance, despite recent decades of separation, the silk roads have long connected Middle

Eastern countries and the Western nations. In recent years, an effort has been made to try

to reconnect, and build a bridge from Iran to the outside world.

In this historical moment, this outstanding group of artists will define their idea of

what home means to them. Geological, political, and sociological ideologies all

contribute and carry weight and define what “home” means to everyone within the global

society. Home is where you become who you are. Home is where the essence of who you

are as a being originates, and is where you see your true self for the first time. The stories

told within this exhibition move these ideas of home from their origins, and forward into

the world beyond.