JULY 15TH - AUGUST 4TH, 2017

The adjective " Great " commonly means " good " or "great achievement", but in the dictionary, it means "large " or " immense". I think about logical process or trap when objective indicator of is displaced with which connotes positive meaning. If you felt wild energy collision rather than the worship of the greatness of the world, it is because there will because you have a doubt to this logic.

When I face the huge city landscape that is about to explode and the energy swirling in it, I feel alienated from the landscape. At that moment, I feel my own soul who is physical being and at that moment I encounter my inner landscape that is very calm while the madness of city is filed with speed. According to Foucault, my presence can be perceived only through the others, therefore, the roar of the city with a speed of fascist dramatically expose my inner surface which is very quiet. That moment can disappear without definition, and can fade away with other landscape. However, that short dramatic experience leaves something in me, which makes me to face my shabbiness and my true self.