Young Il Kang’s work is about connections. It’s about meeting people, having experiences, and

learning from these experiences. Sometimes people connect, sometimes they don’t.

Connections that are made aren’t necessarily long-live., All this is beside the point. It’s the

process of connecting, not some final connection, that matters.

Offering a range of possible ways for pictorial shapes to connect on a canvas, Young Il Kang’s

work offers an instructive metaphor for the way we experience the world. We never stop

growing because we never stop learning. We continue to learn by having experiences – good

ones, bad ones, ones that leave us indifferent. Her work also suggests that it’s only when we

stop learning, stop having experiences, that we die, even if but metaphorically. That can be

seen in the subdued, inquisitive tone of the lyrically organic and the more turbulent tone of the

lyrically gestural ones. To emphasize this point, the colors in the latter are more stained onto

the canvas, which suggests a true, embedded connection. Good connection, bad connection, it

doesn’t matter: all types of experiences present lessons to be learned.