Art as an apparatus and a showcase of curious minds, Homo Ludens Apparatus,
intend to exhibit Artist Leegan and Chuck’s latest painting, print, object, and
installation in a viewpoint of turn of the century anthropological study. Not only
these works represent various influences from natural science, psychology,
anthropological archetypes and turn of the century model of fringe and pseudo
science, both artists’ work shows degree of child-like wonder that satisfy each
individual’s whimsical yet dark fantasies.

In this exhibition, Chuck Hohng will show his never been seen print as well as some

of his previous series of portraits which were inspired by fayum and grotesque

masks, which marks his interest to create an object or an image that includes several

different cultural and historical aspect as a tool of his creations. As a part of this

exhibition, installation piece inspired by oddities and the cabinet of curiosities will

be presented.

“There’s this inevitable quality of tragedy within his paintings, even with the most

adorable piece of painting he would create. His animals, domesticated or wild, real

or imaginary, live off of the peripheral of urbanscape, somewhat lost and always on

a verge of becoming. That vulnerable being of existence, with animals being

transported from their motherlands to somewhere in the city, also suggests longing

and also the feeling of lost. This exhibition goes even deeper into questioning the

reason of existence as well as something very fundamental: ‘what are we? Where

are we from? And Where are we going?’ Both of our works reflects the past for the

future of unknown, somewhat dark and undoubtedly whimsical.”