Cultuee, life and you...

In a heart of Los Angeles Koreatown, Gallery CLU will exhibit contemporary works of art ranging from paintings, to photography, to sculptures, and installations. In order to have a more direct and personal communication with the viewer, Gallery CLU aims to exhibit works by up and coming artists. We intend to spread artists’ works by having them contribute to various art fairs and group shows. Koreatown not only thrives with multicultural venues but also serves as a bridge between Downtown and West Los Angeles. Gallery CLU stands at the very core of Koreatown. The gallery is what is known as the Culture Space, where different genres of art including video, printmaking, photographs and paintings will be exhibited. Group shows of up and coming artist, as well as solo exhibitions for mid-career artists will be held here.

Gallery CLU stands for Culture, Life and You. We believe that the true form of art will be achieved by integrating culture, life, and you – as both a spectator and a host of art. Our mission for the gallery begins the moment you step foot inside. Our doors are open widely for the moments where culture, knowledge and sentiment shall all be intertwined as one.